Go to Genially on South Africa, week 3 and listen to your document about Nelson Mandela

(group A = group A for Soweto riots; group B = group B for Soweto riots)


Take notes in your books: the dates/ numbers you hear, the events they correspond to.

Send me a message on Seesaw if you have questions.

Here is your work for this week:

vocabulary: worksheet (exercises a, b, 2 and 3) + Quizlet practice

-> do the worksheet, memorize the words, be able to pronounce them, translate them (English <-> French) and use them in sentences

Please bring your books OR a copy of page 71 to class

I have put the link with your penfriends’ videos on Pronote. You can go there and watch yours.


Please record a video on Seesaw in FRENCH to describe your hobbies: your penfriends study this topic in class and they would be happy to hear you talk about it.


Keep working on your vocabulary. Remember all the activities have to be finished tomorrow.