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Listening practice

The common test for listening will take place on Nov. 9th, from 11 to 12.

If you want to practice your skills, listen to the following document and make notes on what you understand.

The Canadian school system

Je mettrai une proposition de correction dans quelques jours et vous proposerai une autre CO d’entrainement avant les vacances.


NE PAS OUBLIER: il faut faire au moins la moitié des exercices de la fiche du Grammar Training Time. Tout le monde devra avoir son manuel le vendredi de la rentrée. S’il n’est toujours pas disponible en version papier, il existe également un format tout numérique (à condition de pouvoir y accéder à la maison)

Go to Genially on South Africa, week 3 and listen to your document about Nelson Mandela

(group A = group A for Soweto riots; group B = group B for Soweto riots)


Take notes in your books: the dates/ numbers you hear, the events they correspond to.

Send me a message on Seesaw if you have questions.

Playlist version 2

Here is the playlist again!


playlist schoolAnd the direct links to go to the documents:

US School:

– Use Quizlet to learn vocabulary

No more than 5 minutes in class. You can use the app or work from home for this one.

– write about a  US school report :

what does it look like? what can you see on it? Can you find some differences or similarities with your own school report? (5 -10 lines)

Listen to an American Student and fill in the worksheet

UK School

Use Quizlet to learn vocabulary

No more than 5 minutes in class. You can use the app or work from home for this one.

Reading :Schools in England information sheet

Use the document to answer the quiz

At the end of the week

Record a video message for your penfriend following the guidelines below.

Say hello

Describe your school

  • Name, location, size, number of students.
  • Dress code and school rules
  • (we must TO, we are not allowed to…., …………….-ING is not allowed)
  • A typical day (daily routine)
  • Subjects taught
  • Different buildings
  • General atmosphere

Explain the differences and similarities between your school and an American school

Explain what you like about your school life, what you like about American school life

Ask questions

Say goodbye

Hesitantly patriotic – pronunciation work:

Listen to the passages from the video and decide of the pronunciation of each <o> sound.

Help: the sounds of English

In your books, write: pronunciation work <o>

copy the words and indicate their pronunciation: /ɒ/, /ʌ/, /ɔː/, /əʊ/, /u:/ or /ə/

passage 1: reason, love, so, born

passage 2: to, slowly-formed, stroppy

passage 3: don’t, know, to, do

Practice saying the following sentences:

1) The reason I love it so much is because this is the island on which I happen to be born.
2) And thanks to my slowly-formed caffeine dependency, if I don’t drink it, I get stroppy.
3) I don’t know what else to do.