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New chapter: Climate fiction

Remember to check on Pronote to find the correction to your test on Bohemian Rhapsody.


In your notebooks, start a new page (on the right side of your notebook) and write the title of the chapter: CLIMATE FICTION

Write the key question below: can cli-fi change the world?

Watch the trailer of The Day After Tomorrow

Get ready to speak: what is the film about? what is the problem? How are humans reacting? What about animals? What meteorological phenomenons can you observe?

Take notes in your notebook (with a pencil)


You also have to start to learn vocabulary to improve your speaking and writing: B1 organise your thoughts

Playlist version 2

Here is the playlist again!


playlist schoolAnd the direct links to go to the documents:

US School:

– Use Quizlet to learn vocabulary

No more than 5 minutes in class. You can use the app or work from home for this one.

– write about a  US school report :

what does it look like? what can you see on it? Can you find some differences or similarities with your own school report? (5 -10 lines)

Listen to an American Student and fill in the worksheet

UK School

Use Quizlet to learn vocabulary

No more than 5 minutes in class. You can use the app or work from home for this one.

Reading :Schools in England information sheet

Use the document to answer the quiz

At the end of the week

Record a video message for your penfriend following the guidelines below.

Say hello

Describe your school

  • Name, location, size, number of students.
  • Dress code and school rules
  • (we must TO, we are not allowed to…., …………….-ING is not allowed)
  • A typical day (daily routine)
  • Subjects taught
  • Different buildings
  • General atmosphere

Explain the differences and similarities between your school and an American school

Explain what you like about your school life, what you like about American school life

Ask questions

Say goodbye

Improve your pronunciation, revise your vocabulary

Discover the 2 apps we are going to use all year long!


Go to your Seesaw app and use your profile to record the 3 sentences we worked on (audio or video).

The other students WILL NOT see your work.


Learn your vocabulary on Quizlet

Join the class

(use your FB or Google profile if you already have one, it’s quicker)

Here is the list you have to work on

Do 2 learning activities and 1 game (this is a minimum, you can do more!)


Remember: you will have a homework mark at the end of the term.