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New chapter: Climate fiction

Remember to check on Pronote to find the correction to your test on Bohemian Rhapsody.


In your notebooks, start a new page (on the right side of your notebook) and write the title of the chapter: CLIMATE FICTION

Write the key question below: can cli-fi change the world?

Watch the trailer of The Day After Tomorrow

Get ready to speak: what is the film about? what is the problem? How are humans reacting? What about animals? What meteorological phenomenons can you observe?

Take notes in your notebook (with a pencil)


You also have to start to learn vocabulary to improve your speaking and writing: B1 organise your thoughts

Bohemian Rhapsody

You will start a new chapter on Monday.

In your notebooks, write down the date, the title


And the key question:

How did Queen become an iconic British band?


Watch the video of the song:

Bohemian rhapsody video

Answer the following questions in your notebooks (in pencil):

Have you already heard this song? Did you know the band « queen »? Do you like the song? Why? Why not?


Remember to watch the video about the preterit using your blue Grammar book.


Tomorrow we will do a short lesson and then exercises.