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Wakestock: listening

Here is your work for today


SPEAKING: recap in your groups. I will ask one person per group to give me their oral recap.

PRONUNCIATION: can you pronounce 3 key words from the document?


CHECK everything you know: fill in the blanks


Win a week end at Wakestock: tweet about the festival and post your tweet here


TREAT: if you have finished early, you can watch a video about Wakestock


An American school report

For the day back to school, you have to:


complete your notes about the school report with the help of your classmates’ work


+ copy the following in your notebooks:


We don’t have to wear a uniform = it is not mandatory = it is not obligatory (but it is not forbidden either)


We are not allowed to wear ripped jeans = ripped jeans are not allowed = ripped jeans are forbidden


Don’t forget to bring 5 new words you learned in a series/film in English during the holiday!