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Reading ‘getting rid of bad tech habits’ (2)

This is to prepare the class of Friday, December 4th. 


Homework depends on your group:

Catchers-up: do the whole worksheet (a-b-c-d)

Reviewers: do exercises b-c-d

Off-we-go! : write a short paragraph for question -e. Think of the following elements: what concrete actions did the parents do? What motivated their choices? What can they have offered instead of technology? (Use as much vocabulary and as many structures as possible)

Getting rid of bad tech habits

This is to prepare the class of Tuesday, December 1st.


We’re finishing* work on teens’ bad tech habits such as waking up* in the middle of the night…

You have to copy the grid to recap the document…and fill in the blanks.


To prepare the new document, start learning your Quizlet vocabulary.


* QUESTION: quelle est la différence entre « we’re finishing » et « waking up » tels que je les ai utilisés dans ma phrase? Donnez-moi votre explication ici

Schools in England

This activity is to help you prepare the lesson of Tuesday, September 29th.


Fill in the worksheet about schools in England


Sound work: use your ‘English is Music’ sheet and fill it in with the <th> sounds:


In the lesson of Tuesday, you will compare French schools and American and British schools. You need to be able to compare two elements.


In the second part of the lesson you will prepare an oral presentation of your school. You will have to be very precise.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment to let me know.