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Improve your pronunciation, revise your vocabulary

Discover the 2 apps we are going to use all year long!


Go to your Seesaw app and use your profile to record the 3 sentences we worked on (audio or video).

The other students WILL NOT see your work.


Learn your vocabulary on Quizlet

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Here is the list you have to work on

Do 2 learning activities and 1 game (this is a minimum, you can do more!)


Remember: you will have a homework mark at the end of the term.

Getting rid of bad tech habits

This is to prepare the class of Tuesday, December 1st.


We’re finishing* work on teens’ bad tech habits such as waking up* in the middle of the night…

You have to copy the grid to recap the document…and fill in the blanks.


To prepare the new document, start learning your Quizlet vocabulary.


* QUESTION: quelle est la différence entre « we’re finishing » et « waking up » tels que je les ai utilisés dans ma phrase? Donnez-moi votre explication ici

The Gerund (V-ING)

This is to prepare the lesson of Tuesday, November 10th. 

Watch the video on the Gerund and take notes (Grammar – Unit 3 – don’t forget to write the date)

Revise your quizlet vocabulary set Get Off the Phone. 

You should all know it (from French to English and from English to French + pronunciation). It is really important that you should memorize the prepositions as well as the verbs which are followed by -ING.