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Get off the Phone

This is to prepare the class of  Friday, November 6th.


First you should work your Quizlet vocabulary.

Remember, you need to write down the vocabulary and add it to your binder (‘Unit 3 – Get Off the Phone’). If you’re in a rush, you may also print it out.


Watch this video and get ready to speak about it. Any reaction welcome!

Stressing words

This is to prepare the lesson of Friday, October 2nd.


You should use your Welcome to Welton Academy worksheet to do this.

Use the online dictionary for English learners and check the stress placement for the words in your worksheet.

Here is an example for you:

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

The three dots indicate the number of syllables. The blue dot means that the syllable is stressed. Here, for the word gentleman: the first syllable is stressed.

Do the same with all the words, and practice reapeating them with the help of the recording

In this class, you will practice repeating the speech aloud with the correct prononciation.

American schools

Today, you are doing two different activities.


There’s is a listening comprehension document where a girl describes her high school in the US. Listen to it as many times as you want and fill in the grid.


There is oral expression with me to discuss what it means for you to be in high school. Make the most of this opportunity to speak in small groups, it really is the key to improvement!

What do you love?

Dear students,


today we worked on a video called What do you love? 

Click here to get the transcript. 

Here are the notes we took while working. You must learn these as well as the new vobabulary.

Don’t forget to send me your recordings!

From tomorrow, we’re working on the new chapter, and you will find all your lessons under the heading Unit 2.

Keep working on your Quizlet US School words, and prepare the sheet on school vocabulary. You can download it here.