the Gothic: landmarks and characters

Last time, we have filled in a grid about the major real and fictional characters who have been fundamental in the creation of the gothic movement.

You can learn the lesson that is written in your copybook or log on to Quizlet:



–         As old as mankind = humanity



–         The 15th century











–         The 17th century













–         1815





–         1897



–         The 19th century = the Victorian era (= the reign of Queen Victoria in England)













The idea that the dead rise from their grave (= their tomb) to suck the blood of the living

























Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, aged 19.




Dracula, written by Bram Stoker










Vlad IV Dracula (the Dragon), prince of Walachia in Romania = a cruel despot known as the impaler + he burnt down all the beggars and tramps (= the poor) of his realm.



Countess Elizabeth Bathory who lived in Transylvania and took bath in the blood of young virgins to stop the process of aging – the girls were poor peasants ( =farmers)- she was arrested but not executed because she was rich and powerful.



Lord Byron, an English poet and Percey Shelly and his wife, Mary Shelley, a writer






Queen Victoria in England

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